Parents... Get Involved

Helping out... We need YOU!

Pippins and Bramleys is run by a committee of parent volunteers and we ask all parents to contribute to the preschool in some way.

This can be by being a general committee member, getting involved in fundraising activities, coming into the preschool to help or to demonstrate a skill, leaflet dropping or answering pleas for help that the staff may put out.


The pre-school is looking for new active members to join us.

If you have a child at either Pippins or Bramleys and would be willing to help out, such as with organising and running fundraising and social events, or with making decisions that affect the running of the pre-school, please let us know.

We would love to have you on board!

Committee Meetings

Meetings are held twice a term in the evenings, usually on the second Monday of each half-term.

The Next meeting is Monday 20th November. 


How to find out more

If you are interested or would like to know more, please contact Your input, large or small, will be appreciated!

Parent Rota


We regularly email parents with newsletters and information. We also put notices on the boards and door, as well as in your child's drawer. Please read these notices, and return any information requested.

If you are a parent please follow our facebook page for more information of our day to day activities. 

Just search for' Pippins & Bramleys Preschool & After-School Club'


Sorry, there are no vacancies at present. However, we are always pleased to hear from suitably qualified candidates for bank staff. Please contact the Manager on 01462 713445 to express your interest in working with us! Thank you.