2024 Fees

Hourly rate charged between 8am and 5:30pm (And 8-5pm during holiday club)
£5 - 3+ years of age
£5.75 for 2 year olds

10% discount avaliable on siblings

N.B. School children collected for After School Club will be charged from 3:20pm (Gravenhurst Academy and Campton Lower)


Additional Charges:

Driver Collection:  £2.00
Late Pick-Up Fee:  £15.00 (for first 10 minutes - see below for full fee details)
Late Payment Fee:  £10 a week, that fees are late 

There is no charge for Breakfast or snacks. 

Full Invoicing Terms and Conditions - Dated 1st Feb 2024

When will I get invoiced?
Invoices will be created for each month.
Invoices will be due on 2nd day of the following month, i.e. September 2022 invoice will be due 2nd October 2022.

How to pay?
Invoices can be paid via Cash, Bank Transfer (details for this are on Invoice or as below), Childcare Vouchers, Tax Free Childcare.
Non School aged children can claim up to 30 hours a week of funding, Term time only. This can be used for both Pre-School and After School Club Hours. 

**From April 2024 2 year old funding will be accepted and can be used for both Pre-School and After School Club Hours. 

How much is Childcare at Gravenhurst and Villages Pre-School?
Our current hourly rate is £5.00 an hour for 3+ year olds and £5.75 for 2 year olds.
Our Transport fee is currently £2
We do not charge for snacks or any other item.
If you have 2 children with us, the second child will receive a 10% discount on hours they do.

When will I be charged for?
Our invoicing options for Breakfast club are either 8am or 8.30am until 9am.
For Pre-School we have 4 different sessions 9-3pm, 9-1pm, 12-3pm or 9-12pm.
At After school club your child can be booked in for and charged until 3.30pm, 4pm, 4.30pm, 5pm or 5.30pm.
Children from Lower Schools are charged from 3.20pmfor After School Club.

Cancelling the odd sessions and not receiving a charge:
If you book an adhoc sessions (a one off) cancellation must be received 48 hours before hand in order to not get charged.
If you have regular sessions, in order to not get charged you need to notify via email to admin@gravenhurstpreschool.org.uk 2 weeks prior to the date

If your child is unwell or they do not attend but notice has not been given you will still be charged however if you child uses our Transport, that will be deducted.

Late Payment fee

You will be subject to a late payment fee if you fail to pay your invoice by the due date.  The late payment fee equates to £10 for every week the invoice is overdue.  The late payment fee will be added to your current or future invoice at the earliest possible convenience.  Please note that once this charge has been applied it cannot be removed.   

If you are in financial hardship or difficulty, please speak to a member of staff before the invoice becomes overdue.  

Late Pick Up fee

Please ensure that you are at the setting prior to your child’s session end time.  If you are late to pick up your child, a fee of £15 for the first 10 minutes will be applied, this will then reduce to a £1 per minute for any additional time above the initial 10 minutes of lateness.  Eg.  If collection takes place 15 minutes past the session end time your account will be debited a “Late Pick Up Fee” of £20.    


Sick Child Fee 

Please note that your child must be fit and well to attend the pre-school, this is to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff and children within the setting. 

If your child is unwell, please ensure they stay at home, we reserve the right to refuse entry if we feel the child is unwell. 

Please note that Calpol, or any other medication should not be used to mask an illness in order to bring the child to pre-school.   

If we believe that medication has been administered to mask an illness, we reserve the right to isolate the child, and request collection from the setting.  In such event a fee of £35 per hour will be charged to cover additional staff costs to facilitate the isolation procedure.  

Please note if child is not collect within an hour, the ‘Uncollected Child Policy may be applied.  


Notifying of changes to sessions
Where possible please notify of any changes to sessions needed via email (admin@gravenhurstpreschool.org.uk). 

Terminating Childcare
To cancel sessions permanently 4 weeks’ notice must be given, during this time you will be able to use the service and will continue to be charged. 

Holiday Club Fees

Hourly rates are charged as per age groups above. 

10% discount avaliable for siblings attending together. 

Methods of Payment

We accept online payments using the following details:

Account Number:  630094323
Sort Code:  20-05-73

We also accept childcare vouchers from a wide variety of providers - please contact us if you require further information.

Cheques should be made payable to "Gravenhurst & Villages Pre-School" rather than "Pippins & Bramleys".