Preschool Times & Dates

Autumn 2021 Term Times


Term 1st Half Starts:  Monday 6th September
Term 1st Half Ends:  Fri. 22nd October
Half-Term Holiday Club Starts:  Mon. 25th October
Half-Term Holiday Club Ends:  Fri. 29th October
Teacher Training Day:  Mon. 1st November
Term 2nd Half Starts:  Tues. 2ndNovember
Term 2nd Half Ends:  Fri. 17th December

Spring 2022 Term Times

Term 1st Half Starts: Tues. 4th January 
Term 1st Half Ends:  Fri. 11th February


Half-Term Holiday Club Starts:   Mon. 14th February 
Half-Term Holiday Club Ends:  Fri. 18th February
Term 2nd Half Starts:  Mon. 21st February
Term 2nd Half Ends:

Fri 1st April


Summer 2022 Term Times


Term 1st Half Starts:  Weds. 20th April
Term 1st Half Ends:  Fri. 27th May 
Half-Term Holiday Club Starts:

 Tues. 31st May

Half-Term Holiday Club Ends:  Fri. 3rd June
Term 2nd Half Starts:  Mon. 6th June
Term 2nd Half Ends: Friday 22nd July

Pre-School Events coming up.... 

More information to come and will also be sent out via email :) 

Opening Hours


8:00am Bramleys Breakfast club drop off
8:35am Bramleys attendees transported to school via minibus or member of staff; Pippins children remain on site.
9:00am Pippins morning session starts
12:00pm Doors open for drop off/pick up
3:00pm Pippins afternoon session ends and Bramley’s starts
5:00pm Doors open for pick up
5:30pm End of Bramleys session