30 September 2020

Healthy at Home Challenges

Today we lauched our healthy at home challenges. Children send in their photos of them going for walks or cooking at home and we share at Pre-School and display on our board. 

 28 September 2020

Dinosaur Eggs

Today the children found 3 Dinosaur eggs in the garden. 2 had already hatched, but together we made a nest so that hopefully the third will hatch. 

 22 September 2020

Our Autumn Collection

We have been asking children to collect signs of Autumn on their walks and bring them to Pre-School to add to our table. Here is what we have so far... 

 10 September 2020

Fundraising Update

We have just have confirmation that our Crisp Packet total for the last two months (july and August) has raised us over £30, and we have all these to go for September too!! 

 07 September 2020

1st Day Back...

Today was our first day back and here are some of the displays that we created for the children today. 

 03 September 2020

Other changes...

We have also been doing a few other changes too that we wanted to share with you... 

 03 September 2020

Book Corner

Today Abi has been adapting our book corner to make it feel more cosy. 

 02 September 2020

Hygge at Pippins

We have started a new accreditation - Hygge in the Early Years, this means we are making adaptions to our setting to make the environment more homely and natural. Here are some snaps of our adaptions... 

 17 February 2020

February Holiday Club

February Half Term Holiday Club starts.... 

 06 February 2020

Visit to Barton Library

The children have been enjoying a visit to the library on Thursday's Morning

Listening to the story of Elmer and making their own Elmers too! 

 05 February 2020

First Teddy Football Session

For the last year and a half the children have been having monthly Teddy Tennis sessions. This month instead of Teddy Tennis we decided to introduce Teddy Football session, which the children are loving! 

 18 October 2019

Forest School - Putting up our Bird Feeders

Today the children helped to feed the birds at Forest School! 

 14 October 2019

Teddy Tennis Session

The children enjoyed a Teddy Tennis Session in the drizzle!

 07 October 2019

Farm Visit

We have had 2 visits to the farm in the last week, the children got to sit on a tractor, meet the guinea pigs, goat (called Beril) rabbits and chickens plus the children got to enjoy a piece of cake and drink. 

 02 October 2019

Forest School - Autumn Themed

Today the children looked at our new bird and bug houses and then explored the colour of the leaves! 

They then had a go at making their own trees using twigs and playdough. 

 01 October 2019

Harvest Festival

Today the children walked beautifully to the Chapel for Harvest Festival!

They sung the Harvest Samba to the parents, made their leeks and then donated items towards the Harvest display! 

 25 September 2019

Granny Smiths - Welcome Back Banquet

The children helped to make their lunch yesterday! They made crumble for pudding and home made baked beans which were served with jacket potatoes and fish fingers. 

 19 September 2019

Forest School - Stick Man

The children enjoyed an afternoon in the woods making stick men! 

 17 September 2019

Teddy Tennis Session

Today the children had their first session of Tennis. All our children enjoyed showing off their skills!

 13 September 2019

Forest School - Making our new Bug Hotel

Today the children helped to make a bug Hotel in our new natural area. 

 11 September 2019

1st Apple Blossom Playgroup Session

Today's session was 'all things colourful' !!

The children played with duplo, colourful pom poms and got to do some cotton cool painting. 


For anyone wanting to join us we meet at Gravenhurst Methodist Chapel, 9.15-10.45am on Wednesday's. 

Hope to see lots of you next week! 

 19 July 2019

Communication Friendly Award

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Communication Friendly Award :) 

 03 June 2019

May Holiday Club

We had a fantastic week at Holiday Club! 

The children played rounders, built dens, did some facepainting, made a banana and chocolate chip lego man cake, made bread and kneaded the dough, took part in the ultimate Lego challenge, made creatures out of bendaroos, served up some pancakes for snack and had lots of bubble fun too!!! 

 09 May 2019

Healthy Heroes Bronze Award

Today we gave out our first Bronze awards of 2019 ... 

The 3 children who have achieved the award have done 10 healthy activities at home or in pre-school for example helping to make a meal, doing a sport or some exercise, brushing their teeth etc. 

So today there got their certificate and a little fluffy Toy too to celebrate. 

As the children do more healhy activities they will be able to get their silver and gold award too. 

 22 March 2019

Day 10 - Healthy Me Fortnight - Gymnastics

Today we had a lady come to do Gymnastics with the childre. 

 21 March 2019

Day 9 - Healthy Me Fortnight - Yoga

Today the children have been doing our Mindful Monster Yoga cards from the charity Scope. 

 21 March 2019

Lamb Visit

Today the children were very lucky to have a visit from 2 lambs. 

 20 March 2019

Day 8 - Healthy Me Fortnight - Dance Class

Today the children had a dance class with Laura from 'The Studio'

 19 March 2019

Day 7 - Healthy Me Fortnight - Sleep Day

Today the children came dressed in their PJ's/ onesies we talked about the importance of sleep and had a story all about sleeping. 

 18 March 2019

Day 6 - Healthy Me Fortnight - Trip to Park

The children enjoyed a lovely trip to the park playing football, tennis and going on the swings. 

 15 March 2019

Day 5 - Healthy Me Fortnight - Woodland Obstacle Course

Today the children have been climbing trees like a squrriel, going through a spider web, rolling like a hedgehog and moving like some other animals in their woodland Obstacle course. 

 14 March 2019

Day 4 - Healthy Me Fortnight - Planting

Today's task was to set the veg in our veg garden, the children enjoyed digging and planting with Kath and Abi. 

 13 March 2019

Day 3 - Healthy me fortnight - Opticians

Today we added another area of role play in the Pre-School (along with our fruit and Veg shop and Dentist area) to help teach the children about why we go to the Opticians. 

 12 March 2019

Day 2 - Healthy Me Fortnight - Teddy Tennis

Today the children had a Teddy Tennis session and learnt about controlling the ball along the floor.

 11 March 2019

Day 1 - Healthy Me Fortnight - Olivers Vegetables

Today the chlildren have been looking at the book 'Olivers Vegetables' whilst enjoying the new fruit and veg shop and Dentist role play areas. They have also been digging up and washing Vegetables! 

 07 March 2019

Healthy me Fortnight

Next week is the start of our Healthy me fortnight.. we will have a fruit shop set up and a dentist role play. We will also be having a dance, tennis and gymnastic session throughout the fortnight too. 

 27 February 2019

Forest School

The children have had some lovely Forest School Sessions over the last few months, collecting objects in the woods and helping to find the missing fairies. 

 15 February 2019

February Holiday Club

This half term the children have... 

Monday - Nature day - the children had a trip to the local park and went on a nature hunt

Tuesday the children enjoyed book day bringing in their book and telling everyone about their books, they also reenacted parts of the stories on stage. 

Wednesday - Military day - The children came in dress in camoflague and did some decoding activities, made dens and enjoyed doing obstacle courses in the garden. 

Thursday - Valnetines day the children made truffle and heart shaped treats to take home to their loved ones... they also got to make slim. 

Friday - Games day 

All week the children enjoyed drawing classes too! 

 08 February 2019

Website Photos

We have changed our Website photos - take a look and see all the fun our children get up to!

 05 December 2018

Eric the Elf

Eric the Elf arrived in Pre-School on Friday. So far the children have helped to decorate the tree, been on a chocolate hunt and helped to make snow in the garden. 

 29 November 2018

Christingle at the Chapel

Today the chidren went down to the chapel to do Christingle activities. 

 28 November 2018


We are pleased to announce that Abi has completed her Level 3 Early Years Qualifiication! 

Well done Abi! 

 28 November 2018

Forest School

Todays Forest School took place with Gravenhurst Academy Reception class. 

The children collected sticks to make there own hedgheogs. 

 23 November 2018

Bike and Scooter Week

During the last week the children have been joining Gravenhurst Academy Reception class for a race around the playground  to earn their driving liscense. 

 16 November 2018

Children in Need

Today the children did a Hey Duggee Dance off, Stick Stick Hunt, Deocrated Cakes to sell and a drawing challenge all to raise money for children in Need. 

 15 November 2018

Hedgehog Visit

Today we had a visit from Thomas the Hedgehog. 

 19 October 2018

Trips to Lordship Farm

This month the children have been going to Lorship farm to see the animals and to buy some fruit for our snack. 

 16 October 2018

Teddy Tennis

Today's Teddy Tennis session. 

 20 September 2018

Granny Smiths Jewish New Year

The children helped to make their food for lunch today, which meant they cored apples, made cake and meatballs. 

 31 August 2018

Returning to Pre-School

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer!

We open again on Tuesday 4th September :) 

 18 July 2018

Trip to Wimpole Farm

Today the children went to Wimpole Farm on the coach, they all had a lovely time seeing the animals and behavioured beautifully.

 09 July 2018

Sports Day

Today was our Sports Day, we had a range of field sports including Javelin, shot put, long Jump and ball sorting, followed by the running race. 

Our children competed in their Keyworkers groups and the Winners of the day was the Giraffes. 

 20 June 2018

Happy School Bag Collection

Today we had our Happy School Bag collection. 

We raised just under £220 which will shall be putting towards more Teddy Tennis Sessions. :) 

 15 June 2018

Fathers Day Rock Festival

For Fathers Day we hosted a Festival! 

The children and dads made their own burgers, decorated their own cakes and then the children performed their concert to their dads which they had been practising for over a month. 

We had 30 guests attend. 

 08 June 2018

Teddy Tennis

Today we had a company called 'Teddy Tennis' come and do some Tennis sessions with the children. 

The children loved it and we are planning to put this as a regular activity through 2018-2019. 



 01 June 2018

Holiday Club

We have had a fantastic week at Holiday Club.


If you would like to book your child in for Holiday Club for summer please contact Alice


 25 May 2018

Outdoor Adventure Month

This month we have been out and about of the setting to the woods and to the Park. 

 22 May 2018

Messy Play - Stickman Themed

Today we did a Messy play session based on Stick man, the children made stickmen using playdough and sticks, they made snow, they played in the hair gel and they searched the garden for the stick man characters. 

 15 March 2018


Today we had a visit from 3 lambs....

 13 March 2018

Mothers Day Lunch

Today the mums and grandmas were invited to lunch with the children. They made sandwiches and decorated cakes before playing some games and then sitting to eat their lunch. 

 08 March 2018

Building our Bug Hotel

Today the children collected things from the woods to go in our Bug Hotel. 

 06 March 2018

Fire Safety Day

Today the children had the fire pit out and toasted their own marshmallows and made smores. We talked to the children all about how to keep safe around fire. We also did some fire pictures and played fire safety bingo.

 02 March 2018

World Book Day

The children celebration World Book day by dressing up as characters from Room on the Broom. They then made broomsticks, made there own edible wands and toadstools and also helped to make a potion. 

 01 March 2018

St Davids Day

Today the children learnt all about St David's Day, we had a dragon visit us over night and lay some eggs for us to look after, we had the story of George and the dragon and we made welsh cakes. 

 21 February 2018

Granny Smiths Chinese New Year

This children helped to make Sweet and Sour Chicken and Pineapple and Ice Cream for our Chinese New Year Feast. 

 19 February 2018

Chinese New Year Celebrations

Today we learnt how to move to Chinese music and did some dragon dancing. We also had noodles for Snack. 

 16 February 2018

Holiday Club

We had great fun at our holiday club :) 

 07 February 2018

Forest School - Sensory Walk

The children spent the morning in the snow and frost exploring the woods. 

 05 February 2018

Mad Science Day

The children spent time today exploring different states, looking at what things float or sink, making pictures out of printing duplo bricks, measuring how tall i am and watching an exploding bottle. 

 30 January 2018

Road Safety Day

Today the children were learning all about road saftety, looking at different road signs, washing our cars and having a go at crossing the road safely

 23 January 2018

Tickle Fingers Cooking Session

This morning we had a visit from Annabelle from Tickle Fingers. She came in to make Vegetable samous recipe from her book. The children cut up the vegetables, brushed the pastry and then filled up their pastry before having a go and folding it up. All the children then had a chance to try them yummy!!

 18 January 2018

Granny Smiths Burns Night

The children enjoyed making mince, tatties and Vegetables for our Burns Night Granny Smiths.

 17 January 2018

Nurse Visit

Emma (the nurse) came to visit us today the children got to use some bandages, she how oxygen masks work and learned about different things that might happen at the doctors. 

 12 January 2018

Forest School - Making Boats

The children had a great time in the woods find sticks to make their boats and jumping in the leaves. 

 19 December 2017

Granny Smiths

Xmas special of Granny smiths was enjoyed by all. Plenty of Chicken, pigs in blanket and beautifully prepared veg by the children. 


 14 December 2017

Xmas Party

Thank you to everyone who attended our xmas party!

The children had a great time performing their play for you, joining in with the A for Active games and tucking in to Jacket Potato at lunch time. 

 08 December 2017

Xmas Party with GA

We enjoyed a lovely party with the reception class at Gravenhurst Academy, we played games, made reindeer food and had a lovely story!

 01 December 2017

Festive Fun

This morning the children helped to decorate the Xmas tree, we also started our own advent calender where instead of opening a present we give a present. We put all the food presents in a basket and at the end of term we will donate. 

 29 November 2017


This morning the children went on a trip to the chapel to learn about christingle. 

They heard the story about Christingle, made their christingle, ate snack and then made X-mas cards and Snowman. 

Each child got a present from the villagers at the chapel.

 10 November 2017

Remembrance Day

This week the children have been making poppies to make our very own poppy wreath. This morning we walked up to the war memorial and had our minute silence. 

 02 November 2017


Take a look at our Halloween Fun!

 01 November 2017

Holiday Club October 2017

Follow the link to see some of our Holiday Club fun!!

 19 October 2017

MacMillan Cancer Coffee Morning

We recently raised over £240 at our Coffee Morning, Thank you to everyone who supported or who baked a cake. The children at after school club and at Pre-School enjoyed making a cake for the cause too. 

 03 October 2017

Harvest Festival

On Tuesday the children went down to the Chapel to learn about Harvest Festival. Whilst there they talked about different vegetables, listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and made their own corn on the cob and scarecrows pictures.

 22 September 2017

Forest School Session

This morning the children have been to the woods and made musical instruments out of sticks and threaded buttons. 

 22 June 2017

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers

We collected over 5,800 vouchers this year! 

(last year we collected 2,400) 

Thank you for all your support! 

 14 June 2017

Holiday Club May 2017

May Half Term Holiday Club 

Please check our the gallery for some pictures of this years 'magical' themed May Half Term Holiday Club. 

 27 April 2017

After School Club Making Cheesecake

The after school club children last night used up some items from the fridge to make a cheesecake. 

After smashing up some biscuits in bag and coated it in cream cheese, the child grated some chocolate to sprinkle on top. 

 16 March 2017

Visit from some Lambs

Today we had a visit from some lambs!! 

 04 November 2016

Firework Pictures

The children have been making firework pictures this morning.....

 02 November 2016

Guy Making

The children and Big Helen made a guy for Guy fawkes night...

 01 November 2016

October Holiday Club

During Half Term, we ran our half term Holiday Club. 

Throughout the week the children participated in some spooky activities

Take a look in the gallery and see .....

 15 August 2016

Holiday Club

This years holiday club was the busiest it has ever been, look in the gallery for some photos. 

 20 July 2016

End of Term Trip

25 children enjoyed a trip to Herrings Green Farm and Birds of Prey Centre in Wilstead for our first setting outing. 

The children got to see the farm animals, hold the Birds of Prey and had a Creepy Critter Show too. 


 01 July 2016

Today's Potato Picking

This afternoon the children hae been busy digging and picking potatoes from the buckets which they helped set back in April. 

 30 June 2016

Forest School Session

Forest School Session today - making clay faces on the trees in the woods. 

 23 June 2016

Forest School Stay and Play Session

Today was our Forest School stay and play session and we were joined by mummies, daddies and grandmas in the woods. 

The children collected leaves, sticks and rocks and made their own stories out of them. 

 13 June 2016

Making Cards for Fathers Day

This week the children have been busy making Fathers Day cards for their Dads and Grandads. 


 27 May 2016

Minibeast Hunt

Today the children went for a Minibeast Hunt with Nicky from the RSPB. 

They found woodlouse, spiders, slugs and snails and lots more minibeasts. 

 26 April 2016

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers

Thank you to all those who have given in Vocuhers, We now have 1698! 

 20 April 2016

Fun in the Sun

This morning the children have enjoyed chalking dinosaurs on the concrete. Meet Dinosaury and Allis. 

 19 April 2016

Pre-School Photos

We will be having our School Photos on Thursday 5th May. 

 26 February 2016

Lots of activities today!

The children have enjoyed a busy day today, plus the planting of one of our veggie beds. The children all enjoyed planting beetroot and lettuce.

 12 February 2016

Road Safety Week

This week the children have been learning how to cross the road and pretending to be Lollipop person.

 11 February 2016

Pirates & Princesses!

Some children came into Pre-School today dressed as pirates and princesses, they spent the day walking the plank and searching for treasure.

 09 February 2016

An Afternoon of Cooking!

The children helped Alice make a 5 cup fruit loaf and some shortbread.

 06 February 2016


Monday 8th February is Chinese New Year. The children will be going to the woods to learn more about the history of this event.Chinese DragonThey will spend the rest of the day learning about Chinese culture.